Eliminate Your Mortgage Debt

mortgage debtThe Financial Equalization concept was created in 1986 by Charles S. Bell I, while working as a successful financial advisor for a financial firm in Montreal, Quebec. Mr. Bell’s interest in authoring a totally new approach to mortgage and debt reduction was prompted by a personal family financial crisis.

In his attempt to solve his own crisis in a non-traditional manner, Mr. Bell’s personal research and ground breaking ideas led to the breakthrough now called Financial Equalization. Realizing that there were many people facing similar financial difficulties and seeking a solution to their problems, he decided to introduce the concept to a few of his best clients. The reception was profound and immediate.

Mr. Bell’s pioneering effort resulted in the creation of the most unique and powerful plan available in the mortgage and debt reduction industry today, the Financial Equalization Plan.

Mr. Bell copyrighted the plan in 1987, and since then has helped thousands of home and property owners become more financially independent and save millions of dollars in mortgage and debt interest charges they were legally obligated to pay their lenders. The plan has met with great success and continues a phenomenal growth today.

Mr. Bell is the President of Financial Equalization Action Techniques Inc. and Mortgage Killer Ltd., presently located in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Bell’s companies have contracted with consultants in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The USA affiliate is Financial Equalization Associates, LLC, a New York Corporation

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