Growing A Business

It is well established that developing and growing a successful business is one of the best vehicles to grow wealth and minimize taxes. The Canadian government has numerous programs to promote small businesses and offer various incentives for entrepreneurs.

Our business training provides you with a way to start part-time and develop a business with substantial income potential but with low start-up cost and low risk.

By taking the best of the brokerage model, the franchise model and networking, Sans Souci Marketing Alliance provides it’s affiliates with a powerful tool for leveraging their time, talent and knowledge so that they can help Canadians stabilize their incomes, protect their assets, and increase their wealth.  By building a team of affiliates much like the insurance and the real estate industry, each affiliate has the opportunity to become their own branchise manager without the risk of major capital investment.  The best part is that they are simply sharing the information they are learning as they are learning it, and helping their clients find licensed professionals to help them implement their goals.

Whether our clients want to learn about buying their first home, what kind of insurance is required to meet their needs, real estate needs, finding the right investment, qualifying for a mortgage or improving their credit, we can help them understand the opportunities and connect them with seasoned professionals.

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