Investing in Real Estate & Mortgages

Free weekly seminars are available to help Canadians learn about the advantages of home ownership and real estate investment in multi million dollar developments.  Real estate has long been understood to be one of the most reliable forms of investment, but there is a learning curve to become a confident investor. Sans Souci demystifies real estate investing and teaches the forms of real estate investing that don’t require you to qualify for a mortgage or increase your liabilities.

We understand that people want alternatives to mutual funds and GICs but are often unaware of the numerous ways that they can increase their wealth and retirement nest egg with real estate or real estate-backed investments.

Our training programs for investing in real estate and mortgages help you to learn:

  • The ins and outs of the real estate business
  • The difference between active and passive real estate investment
  • Strategies and techniques to make money in real estate
  • How to do business like the bank
  • The power of leveraging – effective use of Other People’s Money

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