Our Educators

real-estate-schoolThere’s a growing consensus across the Canada resonating in the classrooms, board rooms and government meeting rooms — that financial literacy is the cornerstone to a good quality of life.

Therefore, when examining the financial education landscape, in keeping with our principles and values we select educators who uphold the highest standard of financial service acumen and industry experience. Our educators are dynamic and capable of delivering on a wide breadth financial information and strategies.

Figures supplied by CLHIA indicate that about 21 million Canadians carry life, health, property and other forms of insurance. But do consumers always understand what they are purchasing? There are about 15,000 life insurance agents and 17,000 mortgage agents in Ontario alone but yet, there is a deep lack of financial literacy. The financial products and services available to consumers today are more complex than ever, and the need for concise, clear and accurate communication has never been greater.

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